February 27, 2016

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luján + sicilia

luján + sicilia

Pink is caressing and warm, as inside your body.

Pink is yummy and fulfilling, as in a pink strawberry meringue.

Pink is fluffy and sticky, as in a cloud of pink cotton candy.

Pink is light and airy, as in soft rose petals, but luxurious and baroque, as in pink silk brocade.

Pink is your pink telephone, your pink dyed angora cat, your pink Marie-Antoinette wig, your pink Cadillac with fins and pink plush upholstery.

Pink are your pink satin cushions, your pink macarons, your pink mirrors on the ceiling, your pink champagne on ice.

Pink is the sky in the summer sunset, pink is what you would turn things in the street into, if you had a magic wand.

Pink must be the lights in your home, wherever you are and whenever you choose lamps according to your instinct, and not according to common sense.

Pink is emotional. Pink is compulsive. Don’t try to resist pink. Can anyone really explain pink?


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